Summer 2024

This summer, we will present a Mettawee celebration, featuring scenes, songs and appearances from past Mettawee productions, on the lawn of the Georgi Museum in Shushan, NY, as well as participation in Salem’s 4th of July Parade and the Al Fresco Dinner at the Salem Courthouse. For more information, feel free to call us at (518) 854-9357.

Fourth of July Parade                     Tuesday, July 4          4pm          Main Street, Salem, NY

Mettawee Celebration                       Friday, July 12           8pm          Georgi Museum lawn, Shushan, NY

Mettawee Celebration Rain Date    Saturday, July 13      8pm          Georgi Museum lawn, Shushan, NY

Al Fresco Dinner Procession           Saturday, July 22      7pm          Historic Salem Courthouse, Salem, NY