Beyond the High Valley (2009)

  • Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Theater Company’s BEYOND THE HIGH VALLEY Plays Its Last Weekend –
  • Puppets in a garden: The Mettawee Theater Company performs on Bishop’s Green –

Nanabohzo (2008)

  • The Natural World, Onstage and All Around the Show – New York Times

Caucasian Chalk Circle (2005)

  • In a Church Garden, a Twist on an Old King Solomon Story – New York Times

The Dancing Fox (2003)

  • Secular Psalms, Shoe Bombs: Ralph Lee’s Grass Menagerie – Village Voice
  • With Animals and Masks, Five Folk Tales Arabs and Jews Have in Common – New York Times

Communications From a Cockroach: Archy and the Underside (2001)

  • “What a grand experience!…inspiring, entertaining, thought provoking…” – review by Gail M. Burns

Psyche (1999)

The Woman Who Fell From the Sky (1998)

  • From a Turtle Shell grew First an Island And Then a World – New York Times

The Ringdove (1988)

  • Review/Dance; Ralph Lee’s Mettawee River Troupe – New York Times