The Woman Who Fell from the Sky (2010)

  • from the Iroquois creation story
  • Adapted from Original Sources by Ralph Lee and the Company
  • Poems and Lyrics by Bob Holman
  • Directed and Designed by Ralph Lee
  • Costumes by Casey Compton
  • Music Composed by Neal Kirkwood
  • Performers: Kim Gambino, Kristine Lee, Greg Manley, Tom Marion
  • Musician: Sam Kulik

This play was adapted from portions of the Iroquois creation story. The three primary sources used were published in the United States Bureau of Ethnology Annual Report of 1888. Each source contains particular variations and details and were told to J. N. B. Hewitt by Chief John Buck of the Onondaga tribe, Mr. Seth Newhouse of the Mohawk tribe and Mr. John Armstrong of the Seneca tribe. Elements of Joe Bruchac’s telling of the story were also incorporated into the play.