The Old Boat Goddess (2011)

  • Adapted by Ralph Lee from Songs of Gods, Songs of Humans by Donald J. Philippi
  • Designed & Directed by Ralph Lee
  • Music Composed by Neal Kirkwood
  • Costumes by Casey Compton
  • Mucky Lyrics by Bob Holman
  • Choreographed by Hilary Easton
  • Performers: Andrew Butler, Tanya Dougherty, Audrey Hailes, Greg Manley, Tom Marion
  • Musician: Matt Donello

The material for this play comes from the Ainu people, who live on the northern islands of Japan. Their epic tales reflect a deep respect for nature and belief that there are spirits in all things, both living and inanimate. Based on three of these stories, this show featured a loathsome dragon who meets an unexpected fate, a young warrior who subdues a gigantic ferocious fish, and the reminiscences of a primordial tree as she is transformed into a sailing vessel.

View clips of select scenes here!